Sunday, December 19, 2010

More on the Project

Reading Between the Wars is a challenge to read as few or as many books written during the interwar years, set during the interwar years or about the interwar years as you'd like in 2011. Similar to the Our Mutual Read project (which focuses on Victorian literature) participants will post their reviews on this collective blog. Reviews can be posted simultaneously on your personal blog. 

The more I research this time period the more excited I am about beginning this challenge next year. The first book I have lined up to read is Women in Love by D.H. Lawrence (1920), which I've admired in the past. I haven't read it in 10 years and am curious to see what I'll think about it now.

To get you started I've collected a few lists of interwar literature:

Popular American Novels of the 1930's


I'm positive this will be a rewarding challenge for all who participate. Please contact me at the email in the sidebar if you'd like to join or if you have any questions.


  1. Wow - this sounds like fun! I guess quite a lot of the books that I am reading for my Virago Venture could well fit in.

  2. Fabulous idea. Like you, I'm intrigued by a lot of these titles and there are several in my pile that will fit. Thank you!